First love is FAMILY

It is difficult, but nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Her life started with very difficulties, she was born into a christian family background, her parents went through many circumstances, But they were happy. It was very difficult to stay in house with 7 people , rarely parents can’t give time to every children (as teacher cannot keep an eye on every 40 students in the class). Mother and Father, One brother, four sisters, including herself. Such a huge family na ?. Yes, and why not her Mother and Father did LOVE MARRIAGE. Her brother and sisters were all elder, unluckyly she was the last, All was well, But it says PROBLEMS NEVER END. Her father used to drink a lot, (I don’t know why all men’s do that?), He used to hit her mother with anything, whatever may come to his hand. She had grown into a Violent family, One day, he broke her right hand and she was sleeping on her lap, though she was very small she could understand things at a very young age.(I understood how men’s could be like wild), But after that he took care of her very nicely as couples do. He understood the pain that she went through at that moment. “NOBODY CAN UNDERSTAND A WOMEN’S HEART, IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND A WOMEN”.

All was well, But it says PROBLEMS NEVER END. Suddenly, even she didn’t knew when, how, what happen, Her brother ran from the house without telling anyone, a lot things were going into his mind, anger, hateness towards his family, pride. (I hate when people have all these things for their FAMILY). One day they got to hear that he got married and all……… he nothing left for his family all was gone, every night her mother and father used to cry for their son , praying for his safety, happiness, and waiting for an HOPE, a SIGN of him coming back home because they loved him but he couldn’t understood the love of his parents. After all this things, when he(son) realized his mistake, and left every thing and came back to his FAMILY, Father accepted him all though whatever he had done but somewhere he didn’t realized the mistake yet, he just came back because everything was over, the girl left, money was over, etc. It says sons are closer to mother and daughters are closer to the father, but he was not because still he hated them and till now…….

“A WOMEN GIVES MUCH, BUT THE MORE SHE LOSES”. At that moment a MOTHER and FATHER, SISTERS LOST A SON AND BROTHER in their family. (It is difficult, if any part of body does not work it becomes difficult to live). It became tough for them to live, Mother and Father was hoping that somebody should stood like son, but all were girls and they were every young to do so.

Seeing of all this things and understanding the pain and feelings of parents, the 1st sibling stood up and dropped the idea of her graduation and her dreams, In that FAMILY only the father and the 1st sibling was working and handling all six of them, the 1st sibling was very strong and health, everybody loved her because she was very down to earth and very understanding. Looking all these things, the FATHER was very proud to have her and he called her “SHE IS MY SON, SON OF THE HOUSE”. Everybody was happy.

All was well, but it says PROBLEMS NEVER END. They were invited for the marriage, one of their church member and that marriage was out of station (that wasn’t the problem, actually, the father was collecting money in a box and kept in the house, somebody tore the box and took some money from it, Now who did it ? lets read further).All the women of that family went to the marriage but the father didn’t came because he was angry. It became late for women to come it passed by 12. The father waited for long time but no sign from his wife and his daughters, When  they came home he throw them out of the house and was told to stay all night out of the house, but the 1st sibling went and talked to her father, she made him calm down and he took us inside and asked everybody that who took the money to say the truth, the last daughter was very afraid and the night was gone, the next day father was not talking to anyone in the FAMILY, but in the evening, the father walked out of the house, took all money from his pocket and never returned. All women’s were worried for him the 1st sibling went out in search of her father but she couldn’t, but the women’s was still waiting for him but he never came back till now……….

Months passed by March, April and May, the women’s thought of doing a police complaint, but they were to late for that. the 1st sibling was going to work, but the mother and the 2nd sibling went to police station, there they got to know that their father was dead by an train accident, the police man gave them the photograph and the post-motem report. As the 1st sibling was getting ready  she got a call from her 2nd sister who was with mother, she couldn’t go to work and stayed back home waiting for her mother and sister. 2nd sibling showed the report to her elder sister and she told to them the day he left the home, the next morning at 6:00 am he died. All were still and how did it happen and why, what was the reason to do that?. But the date was set 06/02/2012-his death.

Everything was settled, but the daughters went on the different track. No one was there to guide them, they needed a father. All things were remaining is to take care of their mother, because she was alone and the all daughter knew how she was feelings and going through. First she lost her son that couldn’t respect her, then she lost her husband who couldn’t live with her. Mother also thought of her daughters, even she knew what children are going through when children are half orphan and without the father.

Many years passed, Finally happiness entered again. Mother thought of doing the 1st daughter marriage, every arrangement without any family help she did her daughter’s marriage. There were difficulties, but she didn’t showed up to anyone. But all were together, the mother hold everyone in unity because unity is strength.

-To be continued


My only saying is that, don’t hurt your FAMILY. Don’t keep any hateness or pride or anger and anything that is negative among your FAMILY. If you have anything like that try to solve it among your parents or siblings, but don’t try to hurt them. LOVE, JOY, PEACE, SELF-CONTROL, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, GENTLENESS these all are written in the bible, Don’t take it as religious law but take it as for your FAMILY this will make your Family complete and full of happiness. Children do understand your parents because they love you and they will do for the rest of their life. Parents do understand your children what are they going through and their feelings, help them to every situation in their life and guide them so they may not feel alone in life. As the above story tells, the FATHER and the SON couldn’t help and couldn’t understand, But the MOTHER did.

Stay with your FAMILY in unity and love your FAMILY.

FAMILY IS IMPORTANT, do you love your family?(leave your comments below or share you views over it).

The story doesn’t end here……

The story of  THE LAST DAUGHTER…..see it in the next blog.   T&C



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